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Bhujodi Weaving (Gujarat)

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About the Craft: Forline Weaving is an initiative by Dayalal Kudecha, a traditional weaver from Gujarat, who with his grit and determination rose from a wage earner to an entrepreneur. Forline is Dayabhai’s enterprise to contemporise traditional kutcchi weaves that are admired while traditional crafts are preserved for generations to appreciate and secure. The specialty of the Kutch weaving tradition is the hand insertion of ornamental supplementary wefts, almost like embroidery. Patterns are inlaid into the handwoven plain weave cloth. Kutch weaving incorporates distinctive traditional motifs and colours in medium to heavyweight textiles in a manner that exceeds aesthetic appeal. Maintaining the ethnic touch, Dayabhai weaves their tradition and way of life into each piece using the same designs with a contemporary approach to making cloth for saris, scarves and shawls.