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  • Material: Bronze alloy
  • Color: Silver
  • Description: Handcrafted beaten 3 petals floral earing
  • Care: It is a delicate piece thus handle with extra care, avoid perfume or any alcohol based spray on ii, avoid direct heat of electronic appliences like hair dryer and keep it away from heavy flames. When not in use keep it in cotton pouch. Clean with soft fabric.
  • Delivery: 5-7 Working Days
  • Disclaimer : This product is 100% handmade. In handmade products slight imperfections are normal and the final product color may vary slightly.

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About the Craft and Artisan :Manas emerged from a vision to revive heritage craftsmanship in today’s world, blending age-old techniques with contemporary design. This union gives birth to stunning wearable art with a global allure, fueled by the creative essence of tradition.
Led by Manas Ghorai, they strive to create a sustainable ecosystem for artisans, viewing art not just as an object of admiration but as a livelihood.

Bronze jewelry exudes timeless appeal, effortlessly complementing any collection with its warm, earthy tones and versatile designs. From classic elegance to bohemian flair, its unique motifs and shapes offer endless opportunities for self-expression. Transition effortlessly from day to night with simple pendant necklaces or intricately designed cuffs, reflecting sophistication and style for any occasion.

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Dimensions15 × 15 × 3 cm