Dhurrie Weaving (Telangana)

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About the Craft: E. Srinivas carries forward the legacy of his father’s adapted craft of dhurrie weaving. His father, E. Siddaiah, had been his teacher, mentor, guide and support in his journey to becoming a master weaver. Once a young and ambitious weaver with sharp craftsmanship, Srinivas was gravely affected by his father’s demise. He underwent trauma, quitting his craft for nearly two years. This impacted not just him, but the 50 other craft families of dhurrie weavers associated with him. The situation worsened as the global pandemic hit the world. After several efforts through motivational conversations, Srinivas revived and restored his lost work and restarted his journey of dhurrie weaving with the help of Dastkar’s Artisan Support Fund.

Now, apart from weaving dhurries, E. Srinivas is contributing towards the social upliftment of the women folk in his village by engaging them productively in the value chain of the craft, along with ensuring education for children of weavers for them to expand the craft through knowledge, skills and enhanced abilities.