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Kalighat Painting


Kalighat Painting

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Kalighat Painting


  • Artist: Mamani Chitrakar
  • Material: Handmade Paper
  • Colors Used: Natural Colors
  • Size: 24×10 inches
  • Disclaimer : This product is 100% handmade. Slight imperfections in handmade products are normal and the final product color may vary slightly.
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1 × Kalighat Painting 3,200.00
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1 × Kalighat Painting 9,500.00
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1 × Kalighat Painting- Fishs' Marriage Part 22,000.00
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About the Craft::The art of Kalighat paintings originated in 19th century Calcutta. The paintings derive their name from the Kalighat temple in Kolkata that is home to a large and thriving settlement of ‘patuas’ or cloth-painters around it. Traditionally, these paintings were based on religious themes which, with time, evolved to include scenes of daily life in Calcutta along with contemporary junctures. They have ventured into painting on sarees, dupattas, and shirts to meet the rising consumer demands.
About the Artist: Mamani Chitrakar, daughter of Swarna Chitrakar, comes from a long line of ?patua? or cloth painters. She has been making kalighat paintings and singing the songs since childhood – a tradition that was passed down from her mother that she now teaches her daughter. When the demand for their products increases, Mamani and her family involve other chitrakars from the community to complete the orders. Majority of them are women. Working more than the men of the patua community, they play an instrumental role in creating these stunning works of art.

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