The Shiny Sheer fabric – Chanderi, Madhya Pradesh

A handloom fabric, Chanderi is a cloth that is known for its glossy, shiny, sheer texture. It is a light weight cloth that enhances what we call ‘zari’ work. 

This handloom fabric originates from its namesake ‘Chanderi’ – a small town in Madhya Pradesh. The art of Chanderi can be dated to 7th Century B.C. Using a cotton yarn, silk yarn and zari (gold or silver thread), a Chanderi fabric is woven together to look its most elegant and luxurious self. The texture of the fabric is evident even in yards of cloth which makes it a great ground for intricate motifs and patterns. Chanderi is often paired with brocade to make for beautiful suit pieces, kurtas and blouses. Some of the most elegant and quintessential pieces of Chanderi fabric come in pastel colors. This is because lighter colors tend to layer beautifully on another color, creating a sheer veil-like appearance of the cloth.

Although many lovers of Chanderi exclaim the stiffness of the fabric, the fabric often retains its sheen and carries a long life. It was worn with pride by the royals and Mughals of India’s history and continues to shine its way through many wardrobes. Almost ornamental, Chanderi is a charming, eye-catching fabric!